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What Does Lincoln Heights’ Struggle Portend for Barry Farm?

The slow pace of the development of the former Arthur Capper/Carrollsburg public housing complex in what's now the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood has been the source of much frustration for some former residents. The 707 public housing units torn down in the mid-2000s were supposed to have been replaced by now with an equal number of [...]

The Lessons of Temple Courts

The Washington Post's Robert Samuels has a great in-depth story today on the years-long screw-up that's turned a low-income housing complex into a semi-permanent parking lot. In 2008, Temple Courts, on North Capitol Street between K and L streets NW, was demolished to make way for a planned mixed-use, mixed-income development on the increasingly valuable [...]

More On Temple Courts and the Northwest One New Community

From the Office of the Mayor:
WASHINGTON, D.C.–Mayor Adrian M. Fenty on Monday joined the District of Columbia Housing Authority to begin the demolition of Temple Courts, a long-troubled housing complex north of Union Station that will be transformed into part of the new $700 million mixed- income Northwest One New Community.
“We will not tolerate substandard [...]