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Gray Budget Would Cut Some Tax Rates, Add New Spending

Mayor Vince Gray submitted a $10.7 billion budget to the D.C. Council this morning, with increased funding for his priorities in education, health care, and housing, just two days after a primary loss that ensures he won’t be returning for a second term next year.
The budget includes $139 million for new policies in fiscal year 2015, [...]

The City’s Take on Its Booming Neighborhoods

Last week, I wrote about the D.C. neighborhoods with the fastest-rising home prices, according to the Washington DC Economic Partnership. Georgia Avenue/Walter Reed, Kennedy Street, and Fort Totten led the way, each experiencing 25 percent growth in home-sale prices between 2012 and 2013.
Now the city's come out with its official version, of sorts. As first [...]

License to Kale

If a neighborhood’s wealth can be measured by its grocery options, the residents of H Street NE and the Capitol Riverfront have gone from broke to baroque almost overnight.
For years, people living near the western portion of H Street NE who didn’t want to take a car or bus to do their shopping had to [...]

In Defense of Higher Property Tax Assessments

My column in this week's paper looks at a persistent issue in D.C.: the city's underassessment of properties, and the resulting lost tax revenue. I can already anticipate the comments on the piece. Why the fuck should I pay more taxes when the city's running a huge budget surplus? 
It's a valid question. But ultimately, there are [...]

Tax and Wane

When news of the complex deal to build 
a D.C. United soccer stadium broke last month, many of the city’s reporters and concerned citizens became back-of-the-envelope mathematicians.
One hundred million dollars for the city to acquire the land for the stadium site at Buzzard Point, plus $40 million for the city to provide the necessary infrastructure, [...]

If You’re Poor, Don’t Pay to Get Your Taxes Done

I've been reading David Shipler lately, who devotes a chapter of his 2004 book to the perils of tax season: Starting in January, thousands flock to the tax preparers who set up shop in low-income neighborhoods and charge fees to those who really should be able to do their own taxes for free. Many people [...]

A Few More H Street Stats

Dang, a lot didn't fit into last week's piece about H Street NE real estate. Just a couple more tidbits I thought were interesting:

On the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs' last count of vacant properties, 27 H Street NE addresses made the list with no exemption. Five made the list of vacant properties with [...]

A Lesson to Delinquent District Tax Payers

One in five District owners is delinquent in property taxes, according to city Chief Financial Officer Nat Gandhi.  This startling stat was revealed last week in an Associated Press story, but the piece didn't get into the nitty gritty of just what happens next.
Well for a cautionary tale, look at Hagerstown, Maryland—the local county government [...]