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Meet the Man Behind D.C.’s Predatory Tax Lien Practices

His name is Mark Alan Schwartz. He's a 52-year-old Chicago lawyer. He owns a $1.7 million estate near Vail, Colo. And he's played a key role in kicking impoverished Washingtonians out of their homes over tiny unpaid debts.
The Washington Post has done yeoman's reporting on the manipulation of the District's tax lien sales, by which investors [...]

Just How Magical Is the Tax Sale Threshold? D.C. Tax Chief Weighs In.

Amid the growing controversy over D.C.'s sales of tax liens, a practice that's led people who owe just a few hundred dollars to lose their homes, one magic word has regularly been invoked as a panacea: threshold. When the Washington Post released its investigation of tax lien sales, officials in the chief financial officer's office (which oversees [...]

CFO Spokesman: No Moratorium on Tax Lien Sales Without an Act of Council

Mayor Vince Gray called for a moratorium on tax lien sales this morning, following a Washington Post investigation that found that a handful of investors had gamed D.C.'s system to deprive people of their homes for outstanding tax debts of less than $1,000. But absent a new law by the D.C. Council, his plea won't carry much weight: [...]

The Two Sides of Tax Lien Sales

In June, I profiled a house that's seen better days. The property, on Manor Place NW in Park View, has been boarded up for as long as anyone can remember. The city is unable to locate its owner, who appears to have died in 1988. He's listed on various documents as Irby L. Dickinson, Irby Dickenson, [...]

Gray Calls for Moratorium on Tax Lien Sales

Responding to a Washington Post investigation that found that a small handful of investors have been gaming the tax lien system and foreclosing on D.C. homeowners, Mayor Vince Gray has called for a moratorium on the practice.
“The Mayor found out about [the Office of the Chief Financial Officer's] policy on tax-lien sales by reading about it in [...]