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Takoma Metro Development Set for Approval, Despite Cross-Border Opposition

Nearly every new development project that's taller than most of the surrounding neighborhood raises a few hackles among locals. Less common is one that arouses opposition across state lanes.
Tomorrow, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority board will vote on plans for an apartment building at the Takoma Metro station. The plans are the latest in [...]

Takoma Park Finally Making Use of its Metro Station

Takoma has always been one of the more wooded and suburban-feeling of D.C.'s Metro-blessed communities. From the perspective of a city that needs more housing, the parking lots and auto body shops that surround it are a big waste of space. It's great to see, then, plans for sizeable housing developments on two sites just [...]

Theater-less District? A Playwright Wants to Gut His Own Historic Theater

The first thing I noticed upon walking through the doors of the Takoma Theatre, besides the musty, mordant air, was a dead starling on the brown carpet.
Standing in the middle of the lobby was the tall form of Milton McGinty, the theater’s owner, wearing a chocolate brown suit and wire-framed glasses with one lens missing. [...]

City Gives Final “No” to Demolition of Takoma Theater

It’s been a long time coming, and on Friday, the Office of Planning said a final time that octogenarian owner Milton McGinty may not raze the historic Takoma Theatre.
McGinty bought the building in 1983, renovated, and staged productions or rented out the space for the next two decades. In 2007, however, he shut the theatre [...]

Intentional Communities on the Up-and-Up?

This summer, I was treated to a delicious meal of—are you ready for this?—brussels sprouts, glazed salmon, veggie potpie with chard, collared greens, turnip greens, mustard greens, onion, and a pizza dough crust; an egg souffle with mushrooms and onions; and a seasoned risotto boiled in an onion stock.
A ton–yes. But not when you live [...]

In D.C., Even the Nudists Are Buttoned-Up!

I swear to god, there's a housing angle here.
From time to time, I like to write about unusual living situations. Take, for example, my story about a 1970s-like Takoma Park coop where several families resided harmoniously with shared cars, shared childcare and a shared anti-junk mail policy.
So when you show me an advertisement for [...]

What Would You Pay for Luxury in Brightwood?

This week's column is about a proposed apartment building at the intersection of Georgia and Missouri Avenues. The project's developer, Dick Knapp of Foulger-Pratt, says that his units are luxury in one sense, and not luxury in another. I'll let him explain:
"Because our property will be developed as a brand new community, it will by [...]