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Will Kenilworth-Parkside Ever Get a New Recreation Center?

Where the rec center once stood.

It's been two years since the old Kenilworth-Parkside Recreation Center, a bunker-ish but serviceable facility on the lush east bank of the Anacostia River, was demolished. As it came down, plans were ready and funds had been set aside to build a new one—but suddenly, mid-demolition, the National Park [...]


In the entire District, you’d behard-pressed to find a more pollution-plagued cluster of neighborhoods than those lining the Anacostia River as it heads south from the Maryland border. Kenilworth, Mayfair, Parkside, River Terrace, Eastland Gardens, and Kingman Park have been gashed by I-295, regularly deafened by a Metro overpass, and infiltrated by any number of [...]