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D.C.’s New Doughnut

The relative wealth of the city and the suburbs has shifted dramatically.

The Suburban Poverty Shift

As protests over the shooting of an unarmed teenager continue to roil Ferguson, Mo., the Brookings Institution takes a look at the socioeconomic context of the town's social unrest. The unemployment rate in the St. Louis suburb increased from less than 5 percent in 2000 to more than 13 percent in 2010-2012. For residents who do [...]

Meta Urban Geekery: Is It Possible to Talk About Demographic Change Without Editorializing?

A few days ago, Atrios flagged a lede graf in the Washington Post's write-up of a Brookings report on the changing nature of the suburbs, asking: "Nobody noticed what's wrong with this paragraph?" It reads:
The idealized vision of suburbia as a homogenous landscape of prosperity built around the nuclear family took another hit over the [...]