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What to Expect From the Streetcar (Hint: Not Speed)

This morning, as my Megabus pulled into Union Station, I saw, for the first time, a streetcar hanging out on H Street NE. It wasn't doing much, although the construction workers on the Hopscotch Bridge just beyond it certainly were. But once safety certification is complete, city officials say it'll be running within 30 days. [...]

Big Developments Are Coming to D.C. in 2014. But Who Will Benefit?

Nothing brings a grin to a mayor’s face quite like raising an oversize pair of scissors and cutting a ribbon. All the more so in an election year. While 2014 does portend some potential pitfalls for Vince Gray—look no further than the process to redraw school boundaries for the first time in more than 30 [...]

Gray’s Very Ambitious Forecast of January Streetcar Service

The Gray administration is pledging to begin passenger service on the H Street streetcar as early as January, a highly ambitious timeline given the formidable scheduling obstacles.
"The streetcars will start, you know, actually moving around in December," Mayor Vince Gray said this morning on NewsTalk With Bruce DePuyt. "And we'll have passenger service probably starting in January, [...]

What’s on the Table for North-South Streetcar? (Everything)

The District Department of Transportation has kicked off its planning process for the second major streetcar corridor, following the H Street-Benning Road line that's set to open next year and then extend westward to Georgetown. The north-south line is planned as a nine-mile route from Buzzard Point to Takoma or Silver Spring, aimed at connecting [...]

Streetcar Service Unlikely Before Spring

District Department of Transportation officials expect the streetcar to begin running on H Street NE for testing next month, but passenger service is unlikely before the spring.
In a press briefing this morning, DDOT Chief Engineer Ronaldo "Nick" Nicholson said the streetcar is in its "countdown phase," with safety certification set to begin in December. The certification will [...]

DDOT: Delivery Truck Issue Won’t Delay Streetcar

I reported yesterday that H Street NE business owners were concerned that the city had failed to account for delivery truck accommodations when designing the streetcar along that corridor, and that the trucks would no longer be able to park along H Street without blocking the streetcar. Some of the business owners suggested narrowing the [...]

H Street NE Business Owners Say Streetcars Won’t Leave Enough Room for Delivery Trucks

Frustrated H Street NE business owners confronted city officials today over what they regard as a major oversight in the planning for the streetcar route along that corridor: the failure to provide adequate space for delivery trucks.
The city's plan for the street involves eight-foot-wide parking spaces between the curb and the path of the streetcar. [...]

Poll: Which Delayed Project Will Open First, the Streetcar or the Silver Line?

The first stretch of the D.C. streetcar was supposed to open this year. So was the first stretch of the Metro Silver Line. Now opening of the streetcar's H Street-Benning Road NE line has been pushed back to early next year, with the District Department of Transportation hoping it'll happen by March. And Metropolitan Washington [...]

Downtown: Built Up, but Not Yet Fully Built Out

D.C.'s downtown has come a long way from the days of vast surface parking lots, and with the big CityCenterDC project nearing completion, it might appear as if downtown is just about at capacity (barring a change to the Height Act, that is). But Rich Bradley, executive director of the Downtown Business Improvement District, says the [...]

Weighing in the Olympics Games’ Favor: D.C. Can’t Get Its Transit System Together Without Them

Yesterday, I listed five reasons to be wary of D.C.'s bid to host the 2024 Olympics. Today, I'll follow up with one reason to be supportive. In a word: transit.
The Metro is overtaxed, unreliable, and doesn't reach many parts of town. The streetcar is taking forever to get off the ground—and that's just the first [...]