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A Man, a Plan, a Canard: Panacea

Our departing Housing Complex reporter shares his not-so-modest proposals for a better D.C.

Bowser Pledges to Send Streetcar to Ward 7 and Georgetown

The mayor didn't commit to a further expansion of the system.

Metro Claims X2 Overcrowding’s Been ‘Virtually’ Eliminated

But anecdotal evidence suggests otherwise.

Streetcar May Be Flawed and Ill-Fated, But It’s Not “Fatally Flawed”

The streetcar is showing signs of life.

H Street NE May Not Need the Streetcar. Benning Road Does.

The corridor is exactly the type of place that a streetcar is designed to boost.

Streetcar Still Up in the Air, but a Plan Could Come Next Month

Questions remain, like: How will it collect fares? And: Why is it catching on fire?

Streetcar’s Latest Problem: Catching on Fire

City officials are still investigating the cause of the fire.

Can Metro Ever Get Any Better?

And will it?

Dupont Underground Seeks Success in a Space Haunted by Failure

"The whole point is to create a blank shell to begin to experiment."

What’s Ahead in 2015 for D.C. Schools, Housing, and Transit

A new year, a new mayor, a fresh start. At least that's what we're told.