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Wards 2 and 6 Come Out on Top in Economic Development Spending

Last year, the Chief Financial Officer issued the first comprehensive report on where the city spends its economic development dollars—ranging from tax incentives to revenue bonds to outright grants and contracts. For fiscal year 2010, Ward 6 was the winner by several miles, landing $128.5 million out of the $326 million total.
This year, the haul [...]

Bikeshare: More of a Tourist Thing Than I Realized

Back in July, we noticed that Capital Bikeshare ridership was starting to level off, after its meteoric rise through the spring. Well, it started declining the next month, and kept going, from a high of 143,511 trips in July to 99,552 trips in November. That, even though the system continued to gain hundreds of annual [...]

There Are A Lot Of Poor People In These Parts

The headlines after yesterday's American Community Survey release of new numbers talked about declining incomes in the D.C. area's wealthier areas. But the more striking stats, fully enumerated by Kathryn Baer, have to do with dirt poor people in the District itself: The poverty rate is 19.2 percent, up 0.8 percent from 2009. The child [...]

Keys to D.C.’s Confidence: Housing Market, Transience

A few days ago, we took note of the oddity of D.C's high consumer confidence relative to suburban dwellers, as reflected in a survey done by Clarus Research for the Greater Washington Board of Trade. For an explanation, I called up the Center for Regional Analysis' Lisa Sturtevant—heir apparent to this guy—who had some thoughts [...]

D.C.’s the Second Most Expensive “State” for Renters

The National Low Income Housing Coalition just came out with its 2011 data dump, and D.C. residents shouldn't be that surprised: Our fair city is second only to Hawaii in the price of its rental housing.
More specifically, the NLIHC calculates the "housing wage," which is the full-time hourly wage a household would need to earn [...]

D.C. Consumers are a Strangely Confident Bunch

Delta Associates' year-end retail outlook is out, and it has some optimistic things to say about the local market: Washington-area residents already earn more than people anywhere else in the country, and are expected to just get richer.
Of course, we know there's a big difference between what District residents earn, vs. folks in the suburbs. [...]

D.C. Area Doing Great. D.C. Itself? Not So Much.

September's unemployment statistics are out, and the numbers for our little corner of the world look fantastic: We've dropped below six percent, thankyou very much! At 5.9 percent, the D.C./Maryland/Virginia/West Virginia Metropolitan Statistical Area has the lowest unemployment rate of any large urban area in the country.
That number, though, is a bit deceiving. The number [...]

Houses Moving Fast

Delta Associates is out with its 3rd Quarter Housing Outlook, and trends are mixed: Home prices and months of inventory are up, while sales volume has declined. But one of the more interesting stats, long term, is days on market. By this metric, the D.C. area is doing fantastic. Houses now spend an average of [...]

We Are a Renting Town

Delta Associates is dropping a ton of third-quarter housing market data today, and of particular interest is the firm's observations about renting vs. owning in the District:
The lingering for-sale housing downturn is readjusting the renter vs. owner ratio back toward historical norms—perhaps even overshooting the norm during this recession. Over the past two years, the [...]

Hey D.C., Here’s How You Live

The 2009 American Community Survey–that's like Census Lite–dropped yesterday, and the biggest takeaway in D.C. is that lots more black kids are poor. But since this is a housing blog, we're going to look at the housing stats, to see how the District looks relative to the rest of the country. A few interesting points:

Overall, [...]