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Akridge May Force City to Use Eminent Domain as Stadium Deal Shifts

That could make acquiring land for a new home for D.C. United more expensive, and more time-consuming.

Bowser Pledges to Pass D.C. United Stadium Deal by Year’s End, Without Reeves Swap

Muriel Bowser wants to "make sure that we are reducing the District's risks by de-linking the Reeves Center from the deal."

The Incredible Shrinking Stadium-Deal Benefits

That $109 million benefit to the city? It could be more like $17 million.

The D.C. Council Loves Unnecessary Tax Breaks

The latest: a potential break on sales and property taxes for D.C. United

Own Goal: The D.C. United Stadium Faces a Skeptical D.C. Council

The Council thinks the mayor's office is "thumbing the nose at the legislative branch" on the stadium deal.

The D.C. United Stadium Deal, by the Numbers

At noon on Thursday, American productivity will grind to a halt as the country's soccer fans take to the nearest bar, office TV, or webcast to watch the U.S. soccer team fight to advance out of the group stage of the World Cup.
But for diehard D.C. soccer fans, the drama will begin two and a [...]

D.C. United Uses Polls to Nudge City on Stadium Deal

Among the many revealing results of the Washington City Paper/Kojo Nnamdi Show poll published this week was an item gauging the support for the planned D.C. United soccer stadium at Buzzard Point. Forty-four percent of respondents said they supported the city's plan, which is to fund the infrastructure and land swaps needed to build the stadium [...]

The D.C. United Stadium May Be More Popular Than Post Poll Shows

The Washington Post headline sounds damning: "Six in 10 oppose Gray's plan for funding D.C. United stadium." A recent poll, the story reports, found that "public opinion is running strongly against one of Mayor Vincent C. Gray’s highest-profile initiatives, financing a new stadium for the D.C. United pro soccer team."
But Gray's top spokesman argues that story's headline and [...]

City, Developer Won’t Meet Deadline to Submit D.C. United Deal

In September, the city and the developer Akridge signed a letter of intent that laid out the process for the intended land swap to clear the way for a D.C. United soccer stadium on Buzzard Point. Akridge owns a parcel of land that the city needs to assemble the site for the stadium; D.C. plans [...]

Time to Drop the “Buzzard” From Buzzard Point?

Buzzard Point is buzzing. With the deal to bring a D.C. United stadium to the strip of land jutting into the confluence of the Potomac and Anacostia rivers, the area currently occupied by such attractions as a Pepco station and a scrapyard is poised for a jolt of new development.
But as Buzzard Point transitions to [...]