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Adams Morgan’s Funkiest House Is About to Realize Its Dream

In February, I reported on a house that's not quite like its Adams Morgan neighbors. Shiny wallpaper depicting topless women and blackface minstrels lines the first and second floors. There's no living room or dining room, just shared bathrooms on each hallway. The walls are in varying states of deterioration.
And, most significantly, the house was [...]

An Update on D.C.’s Would-Be First Tenant-Owned Rooming House

In February, I wrote a column about a house in Adams Morgan whose uniqueness goes well beyond the blackface-laden wallpaper that spans its first and second floors. The residents of 1919 Calvert St. NW—a motley crew if ever there was one—are trying to buy the house and make it what by all accounts would be [...]

Stranger Than Eviction

From the outside, 1919 Calvert St. NW looks almost exactly like its neighboring rowhouses, with their stately shades of red brick and stone. A glance at city property records shows little variation on paper: The houses were all valued around $800,000 in last year's assessment.
But once you step inside, something is clearly different. First, the [...]