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Fish Market Tenants Say D.C., Waterfront Developer Are Trying to Destroy Their Businesses

Two tenants of the Maine Avenue Fish Market are claiming that the District government and developers of The Wharf conspired to destroy their businesses and run them out of the space.

A Declaration of Wharf

Eight years after the city selected a developer for the megadevelopment along the Southwest Waterfront known as The Wharf, the project officially broke ground today, ushered in by the city's leading—and competing—elected officials.
Mayor Vince Gray was accompanied on stage in a heated tent at the waterfront by his three top challengers for the Democratic mayoral primary [...]

Objection to Southwest Development Could Stand Even If Residents Withdraw

The developer of three proposed Southwest Waterfront buildings is trying to prevent residents of an existing building on the same site from speaking out against the new development, going so far as to threaten a lawsuit and damages against residents who oppose the plans at an upcoming Advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting or take any other [...]

Developer Threatens Suit as Southwest Residents Seek Landmark Status

A legal battle is heating up near the Southwest Waterfront as condo owners seeking historic landmark status for their building in an effort to head off adjacent development have been met with threats of a lawsuit and financial damages from the developer.
The Bernstein Companies are hoping to construct three new buildings alongside two 1960 residential [...]

How the Other [Insert Tiny Fraction] Lives

Saturday was open house(boat) day at the Gangplank Marina on the Southwest Waterfront—a glimpse into the homes of those who choose to live a gently rocking life. Gangplank is, the day's literature informs, "the largest live-aboard marina on the East Coast." Its houseboats generally fall into one of two categories: semi-normal houses that just happen [...]

City Wants to Preserve Ramshackle Fish Market Shed in Redevelopment

Sorry for using a grainy picture from the application.

If you've pored through the recently-submitted second-stage zoning application for the massive redevelopment of the Southwest Waterfront—hey, some of us do that for fun—you won't have seen anything regarding a key component of the plan: The Maine Avenue Fish Market, a collection of seafood wholesalers and [...]

With Future Finally Assured, Liveaboards Host an Open House

In the District, laws around apartment living are pretty clear cut. In buildings constructed before 1975, rent can only increase so much per year. You can only evict someone under certain circumstances. If a landlord decides to sell the building, residents have the right to try and buy it.
Everything gets a lot more murky when [...]

Could Poplar Point or Benning Road Look Like Brooklyn Bridge Park?

I'm usually not one to engage in "I wish X looked like Y" thinking. As helpful as it can be to imagine an unsatisfactory status quo as something wholly different, that's not much use if there's no feasible way to make it so.
But the vision offered by Brooklyn Bridge Park, which only a few years [...]

LEEDy Outtakes

My column this week is about the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED for Neighborhood Development certification, which D.C. has more of than any one other city–because most of the city is shaped along their criteria anyway. As usual, there were a few interesting bits I couldn't fit. So here they are in a blog post:

Two [...]

More Southwest Waterfront Renderings

For those who like pouring through giant PDFs with conceptual drawings of what large swaths of the cityscape will look like in a few years, click here, courtesy of Madison Marquette.
Or just check out a few of my favorites below.