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White House Honors D.C. Solar Leader Anya Schoolman

What started out for Anya Schoolman as a quixotic project with her son will take her to the White House today, where she'll be honored as a "Champion of Change" for her solar-power advocacy work in D.C.
In 2007, Schoolman and her son Walter had the idea of adding solar power to their home, but discovered it was [...]

D.C. Takes Solar Power Into the Digital Age

The federal government may be shut down today, but the D.C. Council is in the midst of a legislative session. And it just passed a bill that has D.C. solar power advocates very excited.
The Community Renewable Energy Act, which just passed unanimously, will make it possible for people without their own rooftops to reduce their monthly [...]

Want to Save Energy and Paper? You’re Out of Luck.

Hey all you solar-powered conservationists out there: I've got bad news for you. If you want to save energy (and save a buck), you probably have to waste paper in the process.
Why's that? If you have solar panels on your roof, and those panels produce more energy than you consume at a given time, your [...]

Catholic Takes the Lead on Solar

Frustrated solar power advocates in the District should give thanks to Catholic University.
The region that includes D.C. derives just 1.7 percent of its electricity from renewable sources (excluding hydro), less than half the national average, according to the EPA:

But on Friday, Catholic unveiled more than 700 new solar panels. With more than 2,600 panels in [...]

Kennedy Center Looking To Build Biggest Solar Array in D.C.

The Kennedy Center has a big flat roof. Perfect for solar panels, in fact—and it may soon be put to use.
Just this week, the institution put out a call for input on how best to structure a formal request for proposals for an array of photovoltaic panels, laying out these reasons:
1. The Kennedy Center desires [...]

Solar Advocates: It’s Not Just For Yuppies

Solar energy advocates have long been conscious of an image problem: That they're a bunch of middle-to-upper class liberal white people in places like Mount Pleasant and Capitol Hill, taking thousands of dollars in city and federal money to put solar panels on their roofs. Even though rebates help and the systems pay themselves off [...]

AdMo Solar Company Lands $30 Million, Decamps to Dupont

Over the past year, this blog has chronicled the rise of Skyline Innovations, a two-year-old startup that came up with a way to build solar water heating systems on rooftops at no cost to the building's inhabitants, while providing them with cheaper electricity—a model that's won them award after award. First, the firm moved from [...]

Enjoy This Year’s Solar Decathlon, It’s Probably D.C.’s Last

Remember that whole brouhaha about the Solar Decathlon needing to move off the National Mall in order to preserve the grass? It ended up in West Potomac Park in late September, which seemed to mollify participants, who feared having to shlep to National Harbor. Next year, however, the Department of Energy is inviting bids for [...]

Jilted Solar Panelists Get Their Rebates

Remember those 51 people who were told they wouldn't be getting the rebates on solar systems they'd been promised? The Council just passed emergency legislation to put that money back into the Renewable Energy Incentive Program, delivering $13,000 per homeowner on average.
The downside of the reprogramming: That $700,000 came not from the general fund, but [...]

Solar Rebates Slashed Again, Jeopardizing Fragile Progress

Trying to pin down funding for solar energy in the District is like wrestling a slippery fish: You think you have it, and then it jumps out of your hands again, forcing another round of pursuit.
Along with incentives from the federal government, a $3-per-kilowatt subsidy has brought rooftop solar energy systems within the reach of [...]