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Solar Rebates Slashed Again, Jeopardizing Fragile Progress

Trying to pin down funding for solar energy in the District is like wrestling a slippery fish: You think you have it, and then it jumps out of your hands again, forcing another round of pursuit.
Along with incentives from the federal government, a $3-per-kilowatt subsidy has brought rooftop solar energy systems within the reach of [...]

Real Estate Agency Literally Giving Away Money for Solar Installations

At the risk of appearing to favor one of the cooler real estate agents in town, I'll just pass on the news that Green D.C. Realty is putting up its own money to entice homebuyers to put solar thermal installations on their new purchases. They're calling it a "solar home coupon": You buy a house [...]

Renewable Energy On the Cutting Room Floor?

If solar energy in D.C. has a problem, it’s not enthusiasm. Three and a half years after a solar coop started in Mount Pleasant, they have over 50 roofs topped with panels, and new coops starting up in Capitol Hill, Petworth, Georgetown, Palisades, Shepherd Park, and Brookland.
One of the reasons behind the flurry of interest [...]

Let’s Be Honest, American Homeowners Aren’t Embracing Solar Power

It's still a rarity to see solar panels in D.C.—and in every other city I've ever lived in.
But I tend to believe that somewhere out there exists a bastion of solar believers—a land where rooftop after rooftop glints with those  dark, futuristic panels that look like they were plucked from a spaceship.
Unfortunately, that place may [...]