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Where That $187 Million for Affordable Housing Is Coming From, and How It’ll Be Spent

This morning, nearly nine months after pledging to spend $100 million on affordable housing, Mayor Vince Gray outlined his plans to commit $187 million to the creation and preservation of nearly 3,200 affordable housing units. The extra $87 million, as it turns out, is not really an additional allocation of funds for low-income housing; it's actually [...]

Here’s What So Others Might Eat Has Planned for Benning Road

Last year, the low-income and homeless services nonprofit So Others Might Eat purchased three parcels of by the Benning Road Metro station with the goal of erecting a mixed-use development. Now, at long last, we have a detailed look at what they'll be building there.
The 180,000-square-foot complex will feature 202 affordable housing units, a sit-down [...]

Charter Schools, Homeless Providers Named in Walter Reed Draft Plan

The plan for building out the District's 62.5-acre site at Walter Reed Army Medical Center on northern Georgia Avenue cleared its first big hurdle last night, when the local redevelopment authority (LRA) voted unanimously to recommend a mix of uses and handful of non-profits to occupy the new public space.
The broad outlines remain similar to [...]