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Can a Smart Growth Candidate-Turned-Ethics Candidate Become Mayor?

Tommy Wells wasn't planning this mayoral campaign. He thought he'd run four years from now on a platform of creating a more livable, walkable city. Instead, he says, he found himself in the 2014 campaign fray as the ethics candidate. Or at least that's how he'd like to be seen.
The question is how voters will [...]

Congress to Feds: Drive to Work

A year and a half ago, the Obama administration issued Executive Order 13514. It seemed like the text sprang fully formed from an environmentalist’s dreams, laying out all the ways the federal government ought to green its operations. The ensuing guidelines didn’t just address energy efficiency in buildings, which cities like D.C. have come to [...]

Committee of 100 to Gray: Sack Klein, Tregoning

Well now, the Committee of 100 has gotten a bee in its bonnet: President George Clark blasted off a letter to incoming Mayor Vince Gray this week calling for the replacement of Department of Transportation director Gabe Klein and Office of Planning director Harriet Tregoning.
The letter cites a litany of complaints, most centering around what [...]

Urban Sleight: Tysons Corner wants to reinvent itself as a living city. What does that mean for D.C.?

To the urban soul, Tysons Corner—the barren moonscape of highways and office buildings located roughly halfway between here and Dulles International Airport—is a nightmare. There’s nothing human in the expanses of concrete, no reason to spend any time outside between your car and Tysons’ two malls.
In 20 years, all that is supposed to change. Under [...]