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Court Sides with District in Thorniest Skyland Case

Now that Skyland Town Center has landed an anchor tenant—which all but assures financing and other leases will follow—the only thing left in the way of getting the project done has been removing the folks who remain there. Year by year, lawsuits have been won by the District or settled, and the remaining businesses are [...]

D.C.’s 5th and 6th Walmarts Will At Least Get Urban Design Right

You may have heard by now about Walmart's plans to open two more stores in D.C.: One at JBG's Fort Totten Square at South Dakota and Riggs Road NE and another in Ward 7's Skyland Town Center. You might feel overwhelmed by that many Walmarts coming to our little city, frustrated that there's still no [...]

Eminent Domain’s A Bitch When You Don’t Use It Well

My column this week looks at the potential future for Skyland Shopping Center, where the District is about to wrap up its six-year-long process of acquiring land through the power of eminent domain. Other than the doubtful feasibility of the planned project, there's another major takeaway: Whatever you think about the [...]

Cloudy Skyland

It’s a breathtaking vision: at the crest of the District east of the Anacostia River, a 16-acre urban campus clustered around an intimate central main street. Cafés spill onto the sidewalk, which gracefully curves to match the bend in Alabama Avenue SE. Townhouses and five-story apartment buildings house hundreds of residents. Visitors from miles around [...]

What’s the Holdup at Skyland Town Center?

If you haven't heard Mayor Vince Gray talk about Skyland, the mostly-empty hodgepodge of retailers in a sea of concrete at the intersection of Good Hope Road, Naylor Road, and Alabama Avenue SE in Ward 7, you haven't been paying attention. Redevelopment has been in the works for decades, but slowed by a combination of [...]

Walmart’s Fifth D.C. Location: Skyland?

Speaking on his home turf Saturday, as Veronica Davis reports, Mayor Vince Gray dropped some not-terribly-surprising news: It appears that Target has bailed as a prospective anchor tenant at the still-unbuilt Skyland Town Center, and the developers have sent Walmart a letter of interest in locating there instead. Even if Gray is able to nudge [...]

Year in Preview: D.C. Development in 2011, Before it Happens.

2010 was a big year for development in the District.
Capital markets unfroze, allowing a slew of stalled projects to break ground. Large empty spaces in the architecturally uninspired NoMa and Capitol Riverfront business improvement districts finally started to fill out. A Web-savvy smart growth constituency became a force in planning and politics, and car-centric suburbs [...]

Skyland Gets Final Nod From Zoning Commission

It's finally over for Skyland Town Center in Ward 7: The approvals part, at least. After a process lasting for the better part of a decade, involving an eminent domain fight and strong protests from the neighbors, on Monday the Zoning Commission waved off a last-minute appeal from the homeowners on Fort Baker Drive–who had [...]

Closing the Books on Skyland Town Center

Depending on how you date it, the planning process for Skyland Town Center in Ward 7 goes back either to 2000—when then-Mayor Anthony Williams chose a development team—or even 1989, when residents started pushing for a new shopping center. Last night, deliberations came to an end: After the fourth and final hearing since the PUD [...]