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The Impact of the Shutdown, in Numbers

The federal government shutdown that appears to be nearing its end has taken a toll on the District. Just ask any furloughed worker, retail clerk near government buildings, social worker whose organization has seen its funding evaporate, or tourist aimlessly wandering the National Mall.
But the effects of the shutdown on D.C. have been difficult to [...]

D.C. Hotels Take a Hit During Shutdown

We know that the federal government shutdown has been unkind to D.C.'s economy, but most of the evidence so far has been anecdotal. Tourists have been spotted wandering the National Mall aimlessly in search of diversion in the absence of national monuments and museums to visit; surely, others are taking the hint and canceling their [...]

D.C. Marketing Group Launches Campaign to Promote Tourism Amid Shutdown

The government shutdown has not been kind to D.C. tourism. Visitors have been spotted wandering the National Mall aimlessly in search of diversion now that the national museums and monuments are closed, and bars and hotels have reported declining revenue.
"It’s the bane of every city’s existence right now," says Elliott Ferguson, president and CEO of Destination [...]

Take Back the Capital

Of the District’s acts of defiance during the first week of federal government shutdown, one stood out for its seemingly undefiant nature. Given that the National Park Service was ceasing most of its operations in D.C. while Congress wasn’t funding it, Mayor Vince Gray announced, the city would start picking up trash at Park Service–controlled [...]

Shutdown: Bad for Metro, Great for Bikeshare

Yesterday, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority announced that it would be running only six-car Metro trains until further notice, rather than the standard eight-car trains. The reason, of course, is the federal government shutdown: With most federal workers furloughed, ridership was down about 22 percent, according to WMATA.
But at the same time, Capital Bikeshare [...]

In a Shutdown, Housing Authority Will Remain Operational…for 30 Days

The shutdown clock is at T-minus eight hours, and counting. The District plans to continue paying for its operations out of its contingency fund, and Congress seems inclined to let it. But what of D.C. functions whose funding source is the federal government itself—say, the D.C. Housing Authority?
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, [...]

D.C.’s Best Friend in Congress Comes to the Rescue Again

With the federal government 13 hours from shutting down and D.C. leaders pledging to keep the city running as normal, the question hanging in the air has been how, exactly, the feds will respond to this small act of defiance. The semi-autonomous District generally can't spend money without a congressional appropriation, so theoretically all nonessential [...]