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Coucilmembers Urge Gray to Continue Sheltering Homeless Families As Temperatures Rise

Four members of the D.C. Council are pressing Mayor Vince Gray to continue to provide shelter to all of the city's homeless families currently in shelter, rather than turning them out when the weather gets warmer.
The District is required by law to provide shelter to all homeless families in need when the temperature drops below freezing [...]

In Dispute Over Private Rooms for Homeless Families, D.C. Government Adds Its Own Definition

At the center of the debate over the surge in the number of homeless families this winter has been a seemingly simple question: What is a private room? The Homeless Services Reform Act, which governs the city's homeless policy, requires the city to shelter homeless families in need in apartment-style shelter when temperatures with windchill drop below [...]

Winter’s Coming. Is the City Ready to Shelter Its Homeless?

Last winter, a woman showed up at the Family Resource Center seeking a place to spend the night. The woman was 23 years old, homeless, and seven months pregnant, and she had spent the previous night on the corner of 7th and H streets NE. Now, the city had issued a hypothermia alert, meaning it [...]

Shelter Studios Fit for a Dog

Pearl, a silky soft 3-year-old whippet mix, used to live outside as an abandoned stray. Now her home is a 4-by-9-foot kennel at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington. And you thought your studio was small.

Renovated Condo, Complete With Cats

The kittens at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington live differently than the adult cats. Adult cats—including Sheba, the even-temptered black 10-year-old and Bennett, the 11-year-old orange tabby—have a divided, single-level home they can crawl through. But the kittens get the most affordable  condo in Shirlington.