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Investigation Fails to Locate Source of December Shaw Water Contamination

The cause of that alarming petroleum odor will just have to remain a mystery.

Five Big Projects in Flux as Bowser Reviews Development Awards

Bowser is reviewing, and in at least one case scrapping, development awards issued by her predecessor.

Water Testing Reveals Petroleum Contamination; Four Schools Closed (Updated)

Don't drink the water yet if you live in parts of Shaw or Logan Circle.

If You Live in This Area, Don’t Drink the Water

There were two reports of a petroleum smell in the water today.

Wizards Owner: Trust Me, You Want Our Training Facility in Your Neighborhood

Ted Leonsis on why a training facility for Ted Leonsis' team would be good for everyone.

Where Did the Wizards Training Facility Talk Come From?

"There's no there there," says a senior Gray administration official.

Wizards in Talks to Open Training Facility in Shaw

Maybe Kevin Durant will like it!

D.C. Tells Shaw Building Owner It Can’t Raise Rents on Low-Income Tenants

The city says the owner can't raise the rent on 63 of the units to market levels until 2049.

Why Is Developer JBG Publishing a Vanity Newspaper?

If the D/City newspaper around 14th Street NW has made you think the neighborhood is hip, then JBG's gambit is working.

Retail, 70 Residences Coming to 8th and O Streets NW

More development is coming to Shaw.