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Slideshow: Tour de Bollards

Don't believe me that downtown D.C. is still a security state? Here's a selection of the bomb-proof street furniture still speckling our sidewalks, some thought-out, and some still slapdash. Click here or on the photo for a slideshow.

Insecurity Blanket

It might seem reasonable that the death of America’s most wanted international terrorist would lead to a relaxation in the high security level that’s reigned since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, which happened 10 years ago this fall.
But as anyone who’s lived in the District for much of the last decade knows, security responses aren’t [...]

Feds Finally Fixing President’s Park South

After September 11, lots of things changed in D.C.'s public space: Bollards went up, streets closed, and federal buildings in general became more difficult to get around. They often became downright ugly, too, with chain link fences and concrete hulks channeling people out of newly secure areas.
Such was the case with the area just south [...]

Examiner Non-Story of the Week: 1984 Edition

Though the Washington Examiner's reporters typically do good work, the tabloid is frequently guilty of being...well...a tabloid. Perhaps the worst example of its tendency towards sensationalism was the infamous "Businesses hate the 15th Street bike lane" story, which was thoroughly debunked by a blogger team effort. So it's a good idea to keep your eye [...]

How to Secure the Washington Monument? Four Thoughts.

As we seem to be reminded of fairly often these days, places of national significance tend to attract angry people with weapons. And at the moment, all that stands between the Washington Monument and the terrorists are some perimeter security bollards and a boxy, temporary screening facility–the National Park Service tried to build a permanent [...]