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Slow Train

It sure is a beautiful vision: For years now, District officials have regaled citizens with tales of light rail from other coasts and countries. They’ve commissioned studies that depict streetcars as economic-development fairy dust, brightening every community that they touch. And now that the city has completed roadwork on H Street NE, the newly track-inlaid [...]

H Street Trolley Won’t Get Direct Connection to Union Station

Back in April, the District Department of Transportation's point man on streetcars, Scott Kubly, assured the denizens of H Street NE that they were still working with Amtrak to run the western end of the streetcar underneath the railroad tracks, creating a direct connection to Union Station and transit links to the rest of the [...]

Streetcar Czar Leaves DDOT Post [UPDATE]

Well, leave it to Councilmember Tommy Wells to break the late night news: Scott Kubly, who has been in charge of the District Department of Transportation's Progressive Transportation Services Administration since 2009, is stepping down. Kubly is perhaps best known for his management of the streetcar, but his portfolio also includes the Circulator bus and [...]

Union Station Can’t Get It Together

The transit world was abuzz yesterday with news of the Obama administration's $2 billion worth of improvements for high-speed rail service in the Northeast Corridor, Midwest, and California. Guess who missed out? The District, of course.
Specifically, Union Station, which hasn't had major infrastructure improvements since the 1980s, and has only increased Metro station capacity by [...]

The Next Phase of Streetcars: Now With More Process

For all the griping about overhead wires and interminable construction, one of the biggest knocks on D.C.'s streetcar project–emanating largely from the Committee of 100–has been a lack of deliberate planning.
That ends with the next set of tracks, into Anacostia. This time, because the city needs to be eligible for federal funding, they're following the [...]