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Sale Watch: U Street, Melody Records, Patriot’s Parking Lots

A few interesting property transactions over the past few months:

The District bought a cluster of parking lots on Okie Street NE from Patriot Equities, the company that tried and failed to develop the Hechts Warehouse right nearby, for $16,750,000. All the Department of General Services could tell me is that they'll be used to consolidate multiple [...]

Sale Watch: Wayne Berman Tries–Again–To Dump Whitehaven Manse

Wayne and Lea Berman, an Ogilvy superlobbyist-cum-GOP bundler and former Bush White House social secretary, sure are optimistic about D.C.'s luxury real estate market. The couple bought their 82-year-old, seven-fireplace, nine-bedroom Georgian mansion on Whitehaven Street in Burleith for $4.836 million in 2001 (although a $4 million deed of trust filed in property records suggests that [...]

Sale Watch: Deputy Mayor Now a West Ender

Housing Complex is always interested in where the city's public power players choose to lay their heads. A sampling: Office of Planning Director Harriet Tregoning chose gentrifying Columbia Heights, Department of Transportation director  Terry Bellamy lives within walking distance of his office in Southwest, the Department of the Environment's Christophe Tulou lives on genteel California [...]

Sale Watch: 3331 N Street NW, Overpriced Real Estate Coming to Earth

For a time, 3331 N Street NW was D.C.'s third most expensive house, at a square $10 million. Until yesterday, that is, when after more than four months on the market it took a 20 percent price cut, down to $7.9 million. Only three million more than its 2012 assessed value! Just another illustration that [...]

Sale Watch (Occupier Alert!): Bank of America Board Chairman Buys in Georgetown

K Street's toniest condo building, 3303 Water Street NW, gets another illustrious owner: Charles O. Holliday Jr., the former CEO of DuPont who since 2009 has chaired Bank of America's board of directors. He and his wife Ann bought the three-bedroom, top-floor unit for $4.5 million on November 15th from Peter H. Nachtwey, who jumped [...]

Sale Watch: International Man of Mystery Buys in Georgetown

That's what he calls himself, at least.
Not every multimillion dollar home sale is worth blog attention—honestly, in D.C., most of those buying are boring lawyers and doctors—but Peter Schechter, who paid $1.95 million for 1529 33rd St. NW in Georgetown on Sept. 19, is apparently something special. From his online bio:
At his communications consulting firm’s [...]

Sale Watch: Nat Gandhi Trades Up

For at least the last eight years, the District's Chief Financial Officer Natwar Gandhi has had a characteristically austere living situation: A small unit in a 1960s-era condo building tucked into Soapstone Valley Park, a block from the Van Ness-UDC metro station. The son of a grocer bought it for $215,000 in 2003, and according [...]

Sale Watch: Mountain State Senators Buy on Capitol Hill

It's appointed-and-then-elected senator house buying time!
John Barrasso, the Republican junior senator from Wyoming since 2007, may have figured he'll be sticking around for a while. In mid-June, he and his wife Bobby Brown dropped $1.02 million on a handsome three-bedroom Victorian rowhouse two blocks from the Capitol, at 323 A Street NE. Which [...]

Sale Watch: African Union Putting a Consulate on Wisconsin Avenue

Lower Wisconsin Avenue isn't known for its diplomatic buildings, but it's getting a big one soon: In early November, the African Union picked up the historic West Georgetown School at 1640 Wisconsin Avenue NW for $6.5 million.
The American College of Surgeons, which had owned the building since 1988, moved into huge new digs at 20 [...]

Sale Watch: Hank Paulson, Not a Real Estate Brain

Via the Georgetown Dish, it appears that former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson finally unloaded his house near the National Cathedral for $3.25 million, which is a million less than he paid for it in 2006. The depreciation isn't the funny part, though. It's that he initially tried to list the place at $4.6 million–$300,000 more [...]