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Funding Forces Think Tank to Think Less About D.C.

The Brookings Institution's Greater Washington Research program, helmed by former D.C. Control Board chairwoman Alice Rivlin, has for a decade put out in-depth studies on D.C. and the Washington region. They've ranged from the sweeping to the specific, including the case for D.C. budget autonomy, a call for a strong community college that set the [...]

Safeway: Bag Tax Causes Theft!

Over the last few months, Safeway has tried to combat shoplifting at several D.C. stores by stopping customers to check their receipts at the door. But it hadn't explained exactly why, until Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2B inquired why that was happening at the store on 17th and Corcoran Street. Here's what spokesman Craig Muckle had [...]

Soviet Safeway No Longer

In light of the increasing prevalence of mixed-use developments with housing or offices on top of retail, now characterizing Safeways from Wheaton to Petworth to Southwest, I hereby re-christen this one-story grocery store on Corcoran Street–in the heart of livable Dupont!–the Stupid Safeway. Originally built in 1942, it's since been renovated, but never into an [...]

Safeway Apologizes for Ginkgo Massacre

A couple of days ago, someone tweeted a picture of a denuded ginkgo tree in front of the Corcoran Street Safeway. Local ANC Commissioner Bob Meehan quickly sounded the alarm on local listserves, accusing Safeway of hacking the tree's limbs in order to allow passersby to better see Safeway's sign. "This tree anchors this [...]

Stinky Safeway Getting Renovated, And Other News From the Golden Age of Grocery Stores

Jonathan O'Connell reports this morning that Lowe Enterprises, which brought the Sexy Safeway to Mount Vernon Square along with an almost sold-out condo and apartment complex, is hoping to do the same with the long-neglected Stinky Safeway at 3830 Georgia Avenue. If it's as well-designed as CityVista, the planned 210 housing units and new [...]

Skip Safeway and Buy Your Veggies Across the Street

With more grocery options than ever in upper Georgetown, it appears that the neighborhood farmer’s market might falling on hard times.
Lauren Shweder Biel, executive director of DC Greens, says that the Glover Park and Burleith market started out with 18 vendors—but two jumped ship, and others are losing money, saying that foot traffic isn’t heavy [...]

What a Grocery Store Opening Says About its Neighborhood

Safeway, it's fair to say, has taken the grocery store grand opening to a whole new level. The rollout of Georgetown's Social Safeway involved "non-transferrable" invitations months in advance, hard hat tours for local figures, and of course, the star-studded gala last week that saw the socialite class walking through the aisles in ballgowns. It's [...]

The Difference Between the District and the Suburbs: Grocery Stores

Tis the season for first-quarter market reports, and yesterday brought us Delta Associates’ snapshot of housing trends. The Business Journal already picked up on the clearest message the stats are sending: Housing demand is starting to outstrip supply. The Post also runs down some of the pricing and foreclosure numbers.
But one graph in particular caught [...]

Get Your Free Reusable Grocery Baggies Here!

So you've probably heard the news: Starting on Friday, disposable plastic bags cost an extra 5 cents in D.C. grocery stores. These bags are clogging up the Anacostia River! They must be stopped. Anyway, the fee was passed into law this past July. Nothing you can do about it now—except pick up free reusable bags [...]