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Walmart Would be Happy With Nothing Next To It

Executives from Walmart and Safeway didn't say much of interest through their turn at Bisnow's retail summit this morning at the St. Regis hotel. But then, the moderator asked an interesting question: Given your drothers, what kind of store would you most like to have next door to yours?
"The one that we like the best, [...]

Two Neighborhood Institutions Disappear: Miss Pixie’s and Barnes and Noble

Must be lease-losing time in the District: Both 14th Street fixture Miss Pixie's Furnishings and Whatnot and the M Street Barnes and Noble in Georgetown are on the way out. Pixie Windsor broke the news to Harry Jaffe in this morning's Examiner, and Topher Mathews passed on the bookstore bit from an anonymous source, which [...]

Bagel Bakery to Become…a Pharmacy

So it turns out that not only has owner Caple Green folded his 16-year-old bagel shop on Minnesota Avenue NE, he also sold the building in mid-January for $950,000 to something called the Matrix Corporation–which is one of the entities set up to buy and hold real estate for the chain of Apex CARE pharmacies [...]

Goodnight, Cows: National Zoo Kids Farm’s Days Are Numbered

Hear ye of youthful hearts: Better get your fill of bunnies in the next few months, because the five-year-old Kids Farm at the National Zoo has fallen victim to federal belt-tightening, and will close by late spring.
In the first round of budget cuts, the Zoo was directed to reduce its budget by $500,000 in fiscal [...]

RIP Bagel Bakery: A Loss for Minnesota Avenue

Yesterday was like many Sunday afternoons: I planned a long bike ride around ending up at the Bagel Bakery on Minnesota Avenue NE near Benning Road, looking forward to a healthy and satisfying late lunch in this lamentably bagel-poor town. To my great dismay, I arrived to find the windows empty, and a note on [...]