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11th’s Hour: New Developments on 11th Street in Columbia Heights

11th and Park then:

11th and Park now:

3400 11th Street–no longer home to the dumpy old Bi-Rite building
This piece is a compilation of information from a series of blog posts I wrote earlier this week—It will appear in this week's newspaper.* 
Since “Tivoli North” is being considered as a new name for Columbia Heights, why not “DC [...]

Columbia Heights News: 11th Street Wine Bar Opening Early June

Don't mean to be stepping on Young and Hungry's toes here. But in D.C., development news is often restaurant news since many of our eateries open in newly constructed buildings or long-abandoned rowhouses.
On that note, I was up in Columbia Heights on 11th Street earlier today, following up on this past post on Meridian Pint, [...]