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Rock Creek Park Friends Group Has Grand Hopes and Dreams

Back in 2005, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation helped start a citizens advocacy group for the District's central greenway, called the Friends of Rock Creek's Environment (an awkward name with a powerful acronym: FORCE). Originally the group focused mostly on water issues, doing a bit of testifying and volunteering along the way.
As of a [...]

Not Another Klingle!!!!!

When Broad Branch Road closed on account of a second giant sinkhole that appeared over a culvert on April 14th, it wasn't just another inconvenience. It was the potential for another decades-long battle to regain passage across Rock Creek Park.
“The last time I was told repairing a road in Rock Creek Park was complex was [...]

ASK HOUSING COMPLEX: My Laundromat Closed—Will My Landlord Buy Me a Washer?

Soap Opera: Swann Cleaners has folded.
My boyfriend and I live on the top floor of a row house on 16th Street, in one of those gorgeous old mansions that was converted into separate units. We don’t have a laundry machine or dryer, but this wasn’t a problem when we first moved in six months [...]