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Developer Pitches a Private Version of New Communities in Brentwood

The city has stumbled in overhauling aging low-income housing complexes. Can a developer succeed?

When Should a Neighborhood Ask For More?

Adding to the cascade of projects coming off the shelf, the H Street Community Development Corporation is finally trying again to build on a giant triangular lot it's owned at 4th and Rhode Island Avenue NE since 2004. The current proposal is six stories and 155 small units, all of them priced affordably for people [...]

Discount Grocer Save-A-Lot to Take Old Brentwood Safeway Space

Folks who've been without groceries for nearly two years since Safeway closed its location across from the Metro station on Rhode Island Avenue will soon be able to shop again: Discount chain store Save-A-Lot has just signed a lease, and hopes to open by late spring or early summer.
The closest stores at the moment are [...]

Is There Hope for Woodridge?

On the western end of the eastern half of Rhode Island Avenue NE, gentrification has done its work, lining the broad road with proudly restored rowhouses flowing out of Bloomingdale. After heading up over a crest, the avenue descends past a rough patch of car ramps up to a strip mall vacated last year by [...]

Brookland Square Goes Begging

While project after stalled project has been bought up and built out over the last year in D.C., there are still plenty of vacant lots to go around. Case in point: 1300 Rhode Island Avenue NE, which was last planned for a $75 million mixed-use building called "Brookland Square" back in 2007. It still has [...]

No More Churches! Is That Legal?

Rhode Island Avenue is not one of the city's most vibrant retail corridors. Other than development at Rhode Island Station, it doesn't quite have the buzz and attention of Georgia Avenue, with its residential projects popping up left and right. (It's also difficult to move forward with much alacrity when your councilmember is under investigation [...]

Corner, Meet Pub: How Rustik finally ended a neighborhood’s prohibition—and what’s coming next.

On the corner of 1st and T streets NW, tucked just a few feet back from the busy speedway of Rhode Island Avenue, a cream-colored building sat vacant for two years, drawing curious glances from passersby. In the last couple of months, it’s come to life, with construction noises emanating from the inside, and recently, [...]

Mixed-use Development and a Bike Trail, Too: Rhode Island Avenue-Brentwood is Looking Up

The Rhode Island Ave.-Brentwood metro stop has some dubious distinctions. According to WMATA’s February Safety and Security report, it’s one of the ten most dangerous stations in the system. Situated behind a shopping center full of big-box stores and a sprawling parking lot, its entry point is the south side of busy Rhode [...]

Rhode Island Ave. Overhaul: Medium-Sized Developments in Southern Brookland

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Last month, the city released a new vision for Rhode Island Avenue in Northeast. We read it, so you don’t have to.

This area, subarea 2, includes the southern edge of leafy Brookland, home to many a pleasant bungalow, copious Jesus and Mary figurines, and Catholic institutions both large and conspicuous and small and tucked away.
This [...]

Fenty and Co. Test Steel Barriers on Vacant Properties

On Friday, Mayor Adrian Fenty and other city leaders debuted these new steel barriers at 1515 Rhode Island Ave NE, an old apartment building that has been secured four times in the last four months, due to break-ins from squatters and neighborhood ne're-do-wells, according to Mike Rupert, spokesperson for the Department of Consumer and Regulatory [...]