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Five Reasons Not to Love D.C.’s Olympic Bid

If you thought the Nationals Park and D.C. United stadium deals were bad, just wait'll you see what the Olympics would mean for the city.
The nonprofit DC 2024, led by the Greater Washington Sports Alliance, announced this morning that it's making a push to bring the Summer Olympics to the capital region in 2024. The [...]

Something Better for RFK Parking Lots?

On Saturday night, the Fall Massive electronic music festival on the parking lot south of RFK Stadium roared throughout the surrounding neighborhood of Hill East—and the neighborhood roared back, forcing them to turn down the volume way earlier in the night than planned.
A small victory for residents, perhaps. But they know it'll probably just happen [...]

Union Station Ain’t Big Enough For All Those Buses

Today, the District Department of Transportation tweets, Megabus moves into Union Station's parking deck, as part of the plan to make the station into a multi-modal transportation hub. Right now, everybody fits, since the charter tour buses that also pick up and drop off passengers there are entering the winter slow season. But come spring, [...]

District’s Newest and Best Skate Park Opens for Business

Inaugural skating session. (Lydia DePillis)

That was fast: Three weeks after the announcement of plans to build a skate park on the RFK Stadium festival grounds, boards are grinding on "freedom ledges" just a couple days before the start of the Maloof Money Cup, which is free for spectators. It's difficult to see the promised resemblance [...]

RFK Might Not Get the World Cup, But At Least It’ll Get a World Class Skate Park

Freshly announced from the freshly re-branded Events D.C.: Maloof Money Cup, which is a big skateboarding competition with lots of money up for grabs, will be building a 15,000-square-foot skate park on the huge parking lot at RFK Festival Grounds for its use this year and in the future. But instead of tearing it down [...]

Jack Evans: Just Kidding About That Whole Redskins Field Idea

On Tuesday, WTOP reported some vague comments from Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans about the prospect of building a $2 to $3 billion, 110,000-seat stadium with a retractable roof to bring the Redskins back to the District–which, considering he'd just finished a 15-hour hearing he knew that a $188 million budget gap would require making [...]

RFK Stadium–Get Over Yourself!

A few months ago, I pissed off a bunch of D.C. United fans when I suggested there weren't that many of them. The reaction was swift—nine comments, including:
Yet another misinformed post… DC United has been the rare bright spot for DC’s pro-sports teams over the last decade and has one of the strongest fan bases [...]