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Is Capitol Riverfront Retail Overheating?

The sixth-anniversary annual luncheon of the Capitol Riverfront Business Improvement District, held this morning, was a festive occasion. The event took place in the PNC Diamond Club of Nationals Park, overlooking the empty baseball diamond, and BID president Michael Stevens trumpeted the revitalized neighborhood's many recent accomplishments. Guests received a copy of the 2013 Capitol Riverfront [...]

Who Said People Don’t Care About Zoning?

I know, I tend to write a lot about the city's zoning code. But hey, people are passionate about this stuff—enough so that they go to great lengths to rig poll results on the subject.
Last week, the 12,956-member Cleveland Park listserv's moderators posted a poll about a hypothetical change to the neighborhood's zoning. "The current zoning [...]

An Open-and-Shut Case in MoCo

CORRECTION, 4:10 p.m. – This blog post originally stated that having open widows without screens is illegal in Maryland. In fact, Maryland prohibits restaurants from opening their windows without screens.
Don't you love it when county officials discover outdated laws and decide they have to be enforced anyway? Up in Bethesda, TBD reports [...]

D.C. Needs More Pho Places Than Its Vietnamese Population Can Support

Pho 14, the fabulous Vietnamese hole-in-the-wall that set up shop on Park Road in Columbia Heights, is expanding into the space next door. A smart move–the place has a line out the door most evenings, and has a thriving take-out banh mi business. I was mildly surprised, however, to notice that the help-wanted signs in [...]