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This Is How Far D.C. Incomes Are Falling Behind Rents

Even for wealthy renters, incomes aren't nearly keeping up with rents.

Apartment Shortage in D.C.? Depends How Much You Make.

Two years removed from her Housing Complex gig, my predecessor Lydia DePillis decided to prove she's still got her D.C. real estate reporting chops. At the Washington Post's Storyline today, she has a great distillation of the central paradox confronting renters in the city: With cranes topping off new apartment buildings seemingly each week, why's it so hard to find [...]

Think D.C. Rents Are Skyrocketing? Try McKinney, Texas

Got 27 hours in your day? If not, and you're a minimum-wage worker in the District, you're out of luck. That's how many hours you'd need to work every weekday in order to afford fair-market rent for a two-bedroom apartment in D.C., according to a recent study by the National Low Income Housing Coalition.
But if [...]

Data For That Sense of Being Gouged: D.C. Has the Second Highest Rents in the Country

The National Low Income Housing Coalition is out with its annual survey of rental affordability in the states, and the news is not good: The District of Columbia is the most expensive in the nation, second only to Hawaii (and then you're paying to live in, well, Hawaii). To measure affordability, the organization uses the [...]