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D.C.’s Most and Least Expensive Neighborhoods for Renters

We're constantly flooded with real estate information about which neighborhoods are hot, with home prices leaping by double-digit percentages over the year or even month prior. But in a city in which most people are renters, sale prices tell only part of the story. Thanks to the real estate website Trulia, we now have a [...]

D.C.’s Most Expensive Rental?

Like most D.C. residents, you probably think you're paying too much in rent—after all, the D.C. metropolitan area's median gross rent is the country's second highest. But compared to this Georgetown house on the rental market, your place will look like a bargain.
The going rate for this seven-bedroom, 8,500-square-foot villa? $16,000 a month.
Georgetown Metropolitan first [...]

Reasons to Pity Your Landlord…

Standing on the edge of the Pacific last week, overlooking gorgeous cliff bluffs protruding into the ocean, I found myself discussing a subject I vowed to leave in DC during my vacation: The high cost of living in Washington.
Specifically, I was referring to rental costs. Sure, it could be worse. I've never had to erect [...]