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Reports: D.C. Area Housing Too Expensive For Millennials, Retail Workers Getting Squeezed

A rainy forecast for some millennial workers in the D.C. area.

Low-Income Washingtonians Face Severe Housing Cost Burden

The District's expensive housing market is placing a major strain on the financial stability of the city's residents, with more than half of rental households paying more than they can afford in rent, according to a study released today by the Urban Institute.
Slightly more than half, or 51 percent, of D.C. rental households pay more than [...]

Rental Housing Is Getting Unaffordable. What’s to Be Done?

Yesterday, Harvard's Joint Center for Housing Studies released a report on the rise of renting in America—and the parallel rise in the housing-cost burden for renters. The long trend toward homeownership, the study finds, has reversed, with the rental share of households climbing from 31 percent in 2004 to 35 percent in 2012. Meanwhile, the percentage [...]

Park It

In the basement of the Watha T.Daniel/Shaw Library early last month, Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2C came up with a wish list for everything it wanted in a new development that would go on a long-vacant, city-owned lot across the street. The last plan had foundered in the recession, and this time, the city was offering [...]

We Are a Renting Town

Delta Associates is dropping a ton of third-quarter housing market data today, and of particular interest is the firm's observations about renting vs. owning in the District:
The lingering for-sale housing downturn is readjusting the renter vs. owner ratio back toward historical norms—perhaps even overshooting the norm during this recession. Over the past two years, the [...]

Landlord Tenant Court: The No-Interpreter Defense Won’t Fly

One tenant who cycled through D.C. Superior Court this morning had an interesting excuse for failing to pay her rent: She didn't understand the lease agreement.
The tenant landed in court back in March for failing to pay $7,000 in back rent to her landlord. When she finally forked over the payment, she also signed a [...]