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The Godly Urbanist Impulse

So it turns out that the building that initially spurred my interest in religious real estate–Faith Bible Church (Remixed) at 1350 Maryland Avenue NE–didn't fit into the story I ultimately ended up writing, which looks at about churches getting back into the housing business. But I did attend services Saturday night with the little congregation, [...]

Houses of the Lord: The biggest producer of new affordable housing in D.C.? God.

Walking into the Temple of Praise near the end of a service is like lifting the lid of a tea kettle: The energy inside the Southern Avenue SE church is so intense, with worshipers dancing and wailing and fainting in the aisles, that it seems like it could boil over at any minute. Even when [...]

Lower Barracks Row to Get Religion, Coffee

A few weeks ago, JDLand noticed that the National Community Church–which currently operates Ebenezers Coffeehouse at 2nd and F Streets NE–had picked up the old Miles Glass building on 8th and Virginia Avenue SE for $3.5 million. Since then, there's pretty much been radio silence from Church leaders, as they went through "visioning charettes" to [...]