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(Almost) Nothing Is Happening At Reservation 13

The first thing to know about last night's meeting with Mayor Vince Gray and the Hill East community on the future of Reservation 13 is that there is no news.
The Redskins haven't indicated their willingness to move their training center from Ashburn, Va., to the area around RFK Stadium. Gray said he hasn't even talked [...]

Can Wards 6 and 7 Play Nice on Reservation 13?

Last summer, the redistricting debate ripped through D.C.'s neighborhoods, creating an especially ugly dynamic between Capitol Hillites and the east-of-the-river wards that had shrunk in population and needed to annex some of Ward 6. The biggest sticking point: What would happen to Reservation 13, the big piece of waterfront property long slated for mixed-use development, [...]

Jack Evans’ Latest Idea to Bring the Redskins Back Probably Won’t Work Either

It's not news that Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans desperately wants the Redskins back from Landover, Maryland. In 2010, he proposed tearing down RFK Stadium and building a 110,000-seat replacement. Last year, he and the Mayor went to Tampa to check out a training facility, which could be built near RFK if the whole stadium [...]