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Can Wards 6 and 7 Play Nice on Reservation 13?

Last summer, the redistricting debate ripped through D.C.'s neighborhoods, creating an especially ugly dynamic between Capitol Hillites and the east-of-the-river wards that had shrunk in population and needed to annex some of Ward 6. The biggest sticking point: What would happen to Reservation 13, the big piece of waterfront property long slated for mixed-use development, [...]

Who’s Entitled to Full Representation in Georgetown?

After overdosing on ward redistricting, I haven't been able to muster the interest to venture into the process of redrawing their constituent parts—Advisory Neighborhood Commissions and individual single member districts. It's been a hot topic in the newly expanded Ward 6, naturally, and to a certain extent elsewhere. ANC redistricting is the smallest-bore form of [...]

Last-Minute Redistricting Deal Keeps Hill East in Ward 6

UPDATE, 3:00 p.m. – Here's the new map. Also worth noting: The "Chimney" piece of Shaw that had been chunked off to Ward 5 will go to Ward 6 with the rest of Shaw. Also, Yvette Alexander scored the south side of Pennsylvania Avenue SE, which has the mixed-use apartment building anchored by Yes! Organic [...]

Ward Wars

There’s a knock-down, drag-out fight inthe Wilson Building over redistricting, and politically active residents are incensed that they’ll be moved from one ward to another.
“For some, this may seem a logical, easy solution,” says a member of one affected Advisory Neighborhood Commission. “I call it racial gerrymandering and believe it is detrimental to east of [...]

Thought Experiment: What If Only Registered Voters Counted In Redistricting?


Every year, a certain section of D.C.'s population gets very upset about redistricting. Sometimes, the people who yell loudest and collect the most petitions get what they want, even with no formal vote or other impartial way of measuring who wants what across the entire population. But isn't that what democracy is all about? That [...]

Do We Really Have to Redistrict?

As you may have realized, people in Ward 6—especially those east of 17th Street SE, which looks like the proposed dividing line—really, really do not want to be redistricted into another ward. So much so, in fact, that a number of them wondered why D.C. couldn’t just buck the constitutional principle of one man, one [...]

So Much for One City

UPDATED BELOW Saturday, 11:20 a.m.
As a Census-mandated vote on redistricting the city's ward boundaries vote looms, Tommy Wells has a PR strategy for keeping his territory intact in the face of an attempted land grab by Marion Barry. The important part: Don't make it about Marion Barry.
“With Ward 6, with how well it’s working, the [...]

The Committee of 100’s P.R. Problem

Last week, right after D.C.'s Census results came out, Greater Greater Washington's David Alpert—like the Google veteran he is—threw together an application that lets you easily play with council ward boundaries until each one is balanced. Later, he'll aggregate all the maps created and recommendations offered into a report for the D.C. Council, so they [...]