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Here’s How Home Prices Have Changed in D.C.’s Neighborhoods

Spoiler: Owning a home in D.C. hasn't gotten any cheaper.

D.C. Home Prices Jump at the Top and Bottom

So D.C.'s rental market is sharply divided, with plenty of apartments for well-paid professionals without families but few for residents of more modest means. But what about its home sale market? Here, the answer's a bit more complicated.
Home prices in the D.C. area have gone up across the board in the past five years, but [...]

FSBO Site Totally Lowballs the White House

Over the weekend, the ever-vigilant Urbanturf spotted an odd listing in Redfin: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, a.k.a. the White House. An obvious glitch, but eye-catching enough to end up on Gawker and Slashdot. Redfin swiftly explained itself: The site automatically pulls listings from a number of sites, including ones that feature properties for sale by owner. [...]

Layoffs at Redfin and Zillow

National real estate company Redfin Corp., which serves as an online broker, is cutting 20 percent of its workforce, according to the Washington Business Journal. The D.C. area operation launched in July of 2007; only one person has been laid off from the Falls Church office. Zillow, a website which estimates home values, [...]