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Good Riddance to Old Rubbish

Last month, the District got one of those rankings that it knows is meaningless but celebrates anyway: It has more building square feet per capita certified by the U.S. Green Building Council as enviro-friendly than any state in the nation. Win!
It’s meaningless in part because D.C. is a city and can’t realistically be compared to [...]

Coke Gets the Mall, Pepsi Gets Downtown

A few months ago, the National Park Service announced a partnership with Coca Cola to bring recycling cans to the National Mall. Not to be outdone, PepsiCo is working with the Downtown Business Improvement District and the D.C. Department of Public Works to start an even cooler recycling program, involving something called a "Dream Machine." [...]

The New Improved National Mall, Brought to You In Part By Coke

Well, not entirely. But when Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar ceremonially signs the final plan for the rehabilitation of the National Mall tomorrow afternoon, he will stand beside two people: Chip Akridge, local real estate mogul and chairman of the Trust for the National Mall, and Steve Callihane, president of Coca-Cola refreshments. Why does [...]

Solar Coops Unite

The solar coops are mustering.
Last month, the 12 existing groups dedicated to helping each other install solar panels convened for a summit. They don't have a name yet, but they have a leader: Mt. Pleasant activist Anya Schoolman. And they have the other component of sophisticated organizing: Committees.
There's not much time to waste. The solar [...]

Coca Cola Donates $500,000 for Recycling on America’s Front Lawn

More good news for the National Mall, our nation's front yard! Or if you're feeling less romantic: Our city's most centrally located dust generator!
According to the Washington Business Journal, Coca-Cola is donating $500,000 for "a sustainable and long-term recycling program on the National Mall."