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Watch the Racial Geography of D.C. Mortgages Change Over Time

In 2005, more than 90,000 black households in the D.C. area received mortgages. By 2012, that number was less than 27,000.

Is Howard University in Critical Condition?

In April, I reported on an internal Howard University staff memo from President Sidney Ribeau announcing that the university would be making cuts to address a "significant budget challenge." The memo cited "a significant decrease in student enrollment in the fall semester, along with other revenue shortfalls and an anticipated reduction in Howard's federal appropriation due to sequestration," [...]

Federal Money Trickles Down to Petworth

Some feel-good news for Friday, hey? So, there’s a building up on Webster Street in Petworth that has been looking for money to renovate for several years now. Enterprise Community Partners, a national group that’s doing good work to preserve affordable housing east of the river, gave them a small pre-development loan a few years [...]

Housing Market Stagnation Brings Polka Dancing

The caption on this photo is "Polka 'Til You Drop." Wild!
Since progress is clearly not the trend of the day, it seems like the media has taken to celebrating old-timey, traditional habits and comforts, not to mention anything vaguely reminiscent of the Depression.
Washington City Paper's own Tim Carman recently penned a column about diners [...]