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Despite Threats, City Complies With Court Order on Homeless Shelter

When a judge ordered the city yesterday to stop sheltering homeless families in recreation centers, District lawyers said they likely would not be able to comply with that order due to the lack of available private rooms in which to place the families. Now it appears their threat was just that.
According to the D.C. attorney [...]

Judge Orders D.C. to Stop Sheltering Homeless Families at Rec Centers

The city must cease sheltering homeless families at recreation centers and move them to apartment-style shelter or private rooms, a judge ruled today.
Facing overflowing shelters this frigid winter, the District—obligated by law to provide shelter to homeless families when temperatures with windchill drop below freezing—has turned to the rec centers for shelter on cold nights. [...]

District Lawyers: If Judge Bans Use of Rec Centers as Shelter, City Can’t Comply

The District will have no adequate place to shelter homeless families if a judge orders it to stop the controversial use of recreation centers as severe-weather shelters, city lawyers argued in court today.
Appearing before D.C. Superior Court Judge Robert D. Okun for the second consecutive day, the District's attorneys continued to argue against the assertion by a [...]

Judge Rejects City’s Arguments on Use of Rec Centers as Shelter but Stops Short of Ruling

A judge today rejected the city's argument that the partitioned spaces in recreation centers where it's been sheltering homeless families meet the requirement that District house these families in private rooms during extreme weather. But the judge stopped short of ordering the city to stop using rec centers as shelter, instead asking the attorneys for [...]

Battle Over Rec-Center Shelter Heads to Court Tomorrow

The D.C. government and lawyers for homeless families will appear before the D.C. Superior Court tomorrow to argue over whether the city is allowed to continue sheltering homeless families at recreation centers or must move them to private rooms.
This question has become a point of great contention as the number of homeless families seeking shelter [...]

In Dispute Over Private Rooms for Homeless Families, D.C. Government Adds Its Own Definition

At the center of the debate over the surge in the number of homeless families this winter has been a seemingly simple question: What is a private room? The Homeless Services Reform Act, which governs the city's homeless policy, requires the city to shelter homeless families in need in apartment-style shelter when temperatures with windchill drop below [...]

For Homeless Families at Rec Centers, Relief Is Short-Lived

Homeless advocates cheered a judge's ruling Friday that ordered the city to move homeless families from ad hoc shelters on recreation center floors to private rooms. Judge Robert S. Tignor of the D.C. Superior Court found that the city's use of the rec centers in response to a growing population of homeless families did not meet [...]