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The Real World House Did Not Burn Down Last Night

Oh, I know some of you are so disappointed by that headline. But by this point, the state of the house won't affect the series. The D.C. filming is totally done. The season is upon us. And people, same as always, are tweeting about all things RWDC. Last night, starting around 6 p.m., rumors about [...]

You Want a Piece of the Real World DC—They’re Yours for the Taking

From left to right: Chris Wiggins, Beth Ploger and cast members Callie, Emily and Ashley.
So I mis-tweeted last night.
After arriving at Metromix's Real World DC premiere party, I called the event the "official RWDC party."
For the event to be official, it would probably need to be thrown by MTV. And no one from MTV was [...]

Scenes From BlackFinn’s Real World DC Premiere Party

Want to attend a party where a bunch of photographers, cameramen and reporters swarm around four twenty-somethings who up until six months ago were completely anonymous?
You probably can't get within ten feet of them unless you're a member of the media or a "friend." But you can buy them shots. And about an hour [...]

And Of Course, Now There Are Real World DC Video Bios

Real World XXIII: Washington DC – MTV Shows
Okay, so there are even more Real World DC videos. MTV has released mini video profiles, complete with some of the original, homemade castings tapes (though multiple cast members told me that their first casting experience was at an event—not submitting a video. So I'm not sure when [...]

Top Blog Posts of the Past Week

After a week of Real World DC madness, the blog has transitioned back to its usual housing and development-related content. This week, we welcomed both "Proud Satanist" and "Proud Catholic" as commenters to the blog. Both of them were, of course, posting about Catholic Charities' recent threat to stop running city-contracted social service programs if [...]

Top Blog Posts of the Past Week

Okay, in truth, the following list should read Real World, Real World, Affordable Condos, Real World, Real World, First-time Homebuyer Tax Credit, Real World, Real World, Real World, Real World. It's an unstoppable force! as I predicted.
But in the name of variety and, well, a "housing complex," I'll leave most of the Real World posts [...]

Meet Real World DC Cast Member Erika

Or don't, actually. I never saw her.
There were rampant rumors that Erika Wasilewski left the show before the season wrapped. She was around earlier during the press day, held last month, as evidenced by the Washington Post's video. But when I stopped by later, Erika was nowhere to be seen.
MTV publicists said that she was [...]

Meet Real World DC Cast Member Josh

Josh Colon, 23, from Philadelphia is described as a "Puerto Rican/Italian glam rocker/rapper" by MTV. While touring me through the house, he went on and on about his band, and showed off his large sneaker collection—a wide variety of multi-colored Converse Kicks, if I'm remembering correctly.
His last Philly-based band broke up roughly a year ago. [...]

Meet Real World DC Cast Member Andrew

Andrew Woods is the goofy blond guy spotted in D.C. wearing weird blue goggles and a panda hat. Originally from the Denver area, he decided to audition after a little prodding from his younger brother. "He thought I’d have a better chance of getting on the show, because I’m more of a prick," he says.
According [...]

Meet Real World DC Cast Member Ty

Ty Ruff, 22, came to D.C.  as a recent graduate of Trinity College, and a recently single man ("fresh out of a three year relationship," according to MTV press docs.)
We soon saw him taking off his shirt at Cobalt, interning with the Caps, and doing other dramatic things like eating Subway sandwiches.