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The Most Expensive D.C.-Area Homes Sold in 2014

A $6.5 million sale wouldn't make the cut.

Here’s How Home Prices Have Changed in D.C.’s Neighborhoods

Spoiler: Owning a home in D.C. hasn't gotten any cheaper.

The Million-Dollar Housing Market

More than one in four single-family homes sold in D.C. in July sold for more than $1 million.

D.C. Housing: Not As Good an Investment As It May Seem

How often, in the past year or two, have you heard Washingtonians wish aloud that they'd bought a house back when they were cheap, around 2008 or 2009—or that they'd had the means to buy one? With the median single-family home in D.C. selling for $573,000 in April according to the Office of the Chief Financial [...]

Halls of Earning: GW’s Continuing Adventures in D.C. Real Estate

The death knell of the Corcoran Gallery of Art last month elicited a dirge from the sages of the D.C. art world, whose mournfulness overshadowed any sense of closure that might have come from the final breath of an institution long known to be suffering. “The demise of the Corcoran Gallery of Art and College [...]

The Plexies: The Winners and Losers in D.C. Real Estate and Development in 2013

In 2013, D.C. put aside the longstanding question of whether the city would grow and started asking how it should. Do we allow taller buildings to accommodate our population boom? Do we allow additions to short buildings? And, most critically, how can we ensure the city’s growing wealth benefits low-income and homeless residents?
Those were the [...]

Washington Post Building to Be Sold to Carr Properties

First, the Washington Post Co. shed the Washington Post. Then it shed its name. And now, finally, it has rid itself of the aging property that serves as its headquarters.
The company, now known as the Graham Holdings Company, will sell its flagship building and land on 15th Street NW to developer Carr Properties for about $159 [...]

Realtor Seeking Agent-Priest in Existential Crisis

Domus Realty is not the biggest firm in the business. Its website, according to an email sent out by one of its principals this weekend, is "under deconstruction." Its listed address is a Columbia Heights apartment.
But in one important area, Domus Realty is the unrivaled leader of its class: the job pitch.
A friend of mine—not [...]

$3.2 Million for a Watergate Address, Great Views, and Lots of Swans

Realtor Gigi Winston, who represents most of the apartments for sale at the Watergate, says many of the units there are actually quite affordable, with listings starting as low as $249,000 for a studio.
Apartment 1105 does not fall in that category.
The 11th-floor apartment is on the market for $3.2 million. What do you get for [...]

The Plexies: 2011 in Review for D.C. Real Estate

When land-use historians write the saga of real estate in the District, 2011 will likely go down as the year D.C. managed, yet again, to dodge the collapse that’s been hitting just about every other city in the country since the economic crisis of 2008. Prices for homes were up over 2010, construction continued apace, [...]