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D.C. Is One of the Most Segregated Cities in America

At least we're not Chicago.

D.C. and America, Moving in Opposite Directions

D.C.'s white non-Hispanic population share is rising fast, while America's is falling.

D.C.’s Divides Persist: The Mayoral Election in Graphs

Race, geography, and Muriel Bowser's vote count. In charts!

Where the Millennials Live (and Other Demographic Treasures)

That sea of light blue dots concentrated in Wards 1 and 2 (and Ward 5's Bloomingdale)? Those are D.C.'s infamous millennials. The map comes to us courtesy of a wonderful new study from the Urban Institute on the demographic changes in the District. Here are a few key points:
1. The city's demographic changes aren't racially [...]

Yes, D.C.’s Getting Whiter, But It’s Getting More Hispanic Faster

It's no secret that the District is getting whiter and less black. The city lost 3.3 percent of its black population from 2007 to 2012, according to a new analysis from the Center for Regional Analysis at George Mason University. At the same time, its white population increased by 17.2 percent.
But in the same time [...]

Mapping Metro by Race and Income

Back in April, data whiz Chris Dickersin-Prokopp created a map for Washington City Paper showing the median income for each Metro stop in the system. Now, Metro's planning blog, PlanItMetro, supplements his effort with two maps of its own: one depicting income, the other race.
The income map looks very similar to Dickersin-Prokopp's, with wealth concentrated in western D.C. [...]

D.C. Still Majority-Black, Barely

D.C. may not be the "Chocolate City" it once was, but according to a Census Bureau report released this morning, the city's population is still mostly black, albeit by the slimmest of margins.
The report finds that as of July 2012, an estimated 316,482, or 50.05 percent, of D.C.'s 632,323 residents were "black or African American." [...]