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Foreign Investors Like the Height Limit Too

Despite my advocacy for lifting the height limit in circumscribed locations in Washington, I'm very, very aware that lots of people like things how they are: Only as tall as the width of the street allows (if that). People talk about the "horizontal profile" of the city, the lovely light and air, the "human scale." [...]

The Prophet Motive

In early April, the city’s development mucketymucks gathered at 10th and H streets NW to celebrate the official start of something that was nearly two decades in the making: Construction on CityCenterDC, a massive residential and retail project on the site of the old convention center. It was one of the first truly hot spring [...]

Qatari Investors: Huge Downtown Development Project Must Conform to Shariah

The New York Times' profile of the CityCenterDC project has mostly nothing new in it if you've been following the huge downtown project at all. But it does include this fascinating nugget about the requirements of its Qatari investors:
Even before the Qatari investors became involved, Hines and Archstone determined that leasing to banks would [...]

Could Qatar Underwrite the Streetcar?

When construction started on CityCenterDC, the public learned that the tiny nation of Qatar now owns a large chunk of downtown, having provided full equity financing on the $700 million project. Luckily, Qatar–and other wealthy nations seeking safe homes for their assets–are interested in other opportunities in the city.
"We're on their radar," Downtown Business Improvement [...]

Museums and the Creation of National Identity

Over the weekend, the great Nicolai Ouroussoff wrote about the proliferation of grand museums designed by brand-name architects in two small, oil-rich countries in the Middle East. It's all part of a conscious effort to remake themselves in the modern era:
To a critic traveling through the region, the speed at which museums are being [...]