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What Drives Public-School Demand? Location, Location, Location.

Nearly all of the most popular schools are west of Rock Creek Park or on Capitol Hill.

Gray Emphasizes Continuity in First Education Address

In his first speech dedicated to education, Mayor Vince Gray refrained from laying out any dramatic new proposals, instead highlighting the city's recent successes in public education and stressing the need for continuity.
"The plans and proposals I share with you may not send out seismic shockwaves or make big headlines," Gray said this afternoon, "but [...]

The Most Powerful Person in D.C. Real Estate

It's not my beat, but I hear that schools chancellor Michelle Rhee is a big deal in this here mayoral race. Here's how she ties in to real estate, though: It's a pretty widely-acknowledged principle that good schools are a huge factor in local property values. Until recently, that didn't hold so much in D.C., [...]