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Report: District Homeowners Pay Lowest Property Taxes in Immediate Area

The taxman isn't always so bad.

In Defense of Higher Property Tax Assessments

My column in this week's paper looks at a persistent issue in D.C.: the city's underassessment of properties, and the resulting lost tax revenue. I can already anticipate the comments on the piece. Why the fuck should I pay more taxes when the city's running a huge budget surplus? 
It's a valid question. But ultimately, there are [...]

Tax and Wane

When news of the complex deal to build 
a D.C. United soccer stadium broke last month, many of the city’s reporters and concerned citizens became back-of-the-envelope mathematicians.
One hundred million dollars for the city to acquire the land for the stadium site at Buzzard Point, plus $40 million for the city to provide the necessary infrastructure, [...]

It’s Pile on Jemal Week

City beautiful types already had enough reason to growl at downtown real estate tycoon Douglas Jemal earlier this week, with a post by vacant property watchdog Cary Silverman chronicling the history of a decrepit mansion at 11th and K Northwest–it's covered by a series of wrap ads that make the eyesore even more glaring. Turns [...]

Apparently, DC Property Owners Don’t Pay Their Taxes Anymore…

Property taxes! They just don't save city budgets like they used to.
The AP has a story out today about the District's $340 million two-year budget shortfall. One of the main culprits is undelivered property taxes—or as the city's Chief Financial Officer Nat Gandhi said:
Much of the latest shortfall comes from a $123 million [...]