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D.C.’s Divides Persist: The Mayoral Election in Graphs

Race, geography, and Muriel Bowser's vote count. In charts!

D.C. Incomes, and Poverty Level, Flat Since Recession’s End

The economic recovery from the recession has sent stock prices and D.C. housing costs upward, but it hasn't resulted in higher incomes for District residents.
According to 2013 American Community Survey data released today by the U.S. Census Bureau, the median household income in the D.C. area was $90,149 last year, a small but statistically insignificant [...]

The Suburban Poverty Shift

As protests over the shooting of an unarmed teenager continue to roil Ferguson, Mo., the Brookings Institution takes a look at the socioeconomic context of the town's social unrest. The unemployment rate in the St. Louis suburb increased from less than 5 percent in 2000 to more than 13 percent in 2010-2012. For residents who do [...]

The Benefits (Mostly) of Moving Families From High-Poverty Neighborhoods

What happens if you move poor families into wealthier neighborhoods? The answer, three recent studies show, is complicated.
Today, the MacArthur Foundation's "How Housing Matters" initiative released 10 briefs summarizing its research on the impact that housing has on various elements of people's lives. Two of them address the effect that moving into a higher-income neighborhood [...]

Parsing the Poverty Rate: When the Poor Don’t Get Less Poor

It's easy to look at topline poverty statistics—like in D.C., where the percentage of people living under the federal poverty threshold has declined over the last decade. From that number, you might conclude that citizens of a city are doing better economically, like Initiative for a Competitive Inner City founder Michael Porter did in a [...]

There Are A Lot Of Poor People In These Parts

The headlines after yesterday's American Community Survey release of new numbers talked about declining incomes in the D.C. area's wealthier areas. But the more striking stats, fully enumerated by Kathryn Baer, have to do with dirt poor people in the District itself: The poverty rate is 19.2 percent, up 0.8 percent from 2009. The child [...]

Data For That Sense of Being Gouged: D.C. Has the Second Highest Rents in the Country

The National Low Income Housing Coalition is out with its annual survey of rental affordability in the states, and the news is not good: The District of Columbia is the most expensive in the nation, second only to Hawaii (and then you're paying to live in, well, Hawaii). To measure affordability, the organization uses the [...]