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Will Potomac Gardens Ever Be Redeveloped?

My column this week deals with the fence around Potomac Gardens, which doesn't seem to fit in an neighborhood where crime is nothing compared to what it was in the 1990s. But I didn't have space to go into the larger anachronism: The existence of a huge, solid block of concentrated poverty in the middle [...]

Do Fence Me In: Capitol Hill’s Potomac Gardens isn’t as dangerous as it was, but its gates remain.

It is by now a familiar pattern in gentrifying District neighborhoods: A brutal, unprovoked attack prompts neighborhood outrage and an examination of what might have caused the violence.
In eastern Capitol Hill, those periodic cycles often center around Potomac Gardens, the 352-unit public housing complex that occupies a full city block between 12th and 13th streets [...]

What’s in a Fence? At Potomac Gardens, It Doesn’t Matter What Side You’re On

There's been a lot of acrimony around Potomac Gardens in recent months. Besides the low drumbeat of crime and drug busts around the public housing complex near the Potomac Metro station, an attack in November that broke a woman's jaw as she was walking with groceries provoked an outpouring of outrage from the surrounding community.
At [...]