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Looks Like D.C United Isn’t Moving to P.G. County—What About MoCo or Frederick?

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Frederick: Pretty damn far away from Washington D.C.
Does anyone want D.C. United?
First Washington D.C. rejected the soccer team because, as Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans stated, the project lacked a "champion."
Then yesterday, the P.G. County Council voted 8-0 against a proposal authorizing a feasibility study for the new stadium. According to [...]

D.C. United Not Moving to Poplar Point

Well, this is a blow.
The Washington Post reports this morning that D.C. United owner Victor MacFarlane wants to build a stadium—correct that "urban stadium"—in Prince George's County, not the District.
In late January, Clark Realty and the city ended their partnership to transform Poplar Point, a 110-acre section of Ward 8, into a huge new mecca [...]

Latest on Poplar Point

From Real Estate Bisnow:
"After Clark Realty exited the Poplar Point project recently, the key question became: What happens now? This afternoon, we talked with DC spokesman Sean Madigan, who says that after the results from an environmental impact study come back in April or May, the city will come up with a few new development [...]

Barry to Fenty: You Stalled Poplar Point At Least a Year!

The Washington Post has obtained a letter from Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry to Mayor Adrian Fenty. Not surprisingly, the tone isn't terribly cordial. Barry says that the mayor has set back the Poplar Point project in numerous ways—that it will be tough to find a new developer, tough to build enthusiasm in the community [...]

Poplar Point: Bickering From Back in the Day


Ward 8 leader Philip Pannell
Last february, I interviewed a couple Ward 8 residents and civic leaders about the Poplar Point project. Many of them saw Poplar Point as Ward 8's only chance to be fundamentally and irreversibly revitalized. Others weren't too pumped about the proposal and losing green space. 
The plan included residences, offices, restaurants, a park and, [...]

Clark Realty Backs Out of Poplar Point Project

We haven't heard too much about Poplar Point for a while. The District selected Clark Realty to develop the land, which was supposed to include restaurants, retail, park space, and possibly a new stadium for D.C. United in development-starved Ward 8. Yesterday, the District announced that Clark was pulling out of the Poplar Point [...]