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Pop Goes the Pop-Up

Pop-up limits are approved, although a condo-conversion restriction failed to pass.

No One Wants to Live in the V Street Middle Finger

The price of one unit has dropped by more than $150,000. Still no buyer.

The Former Head of D.C.’s Planning Office Opposes the Office’s New Rowhouse Zoning Plan

A plan to restrict pop-ups and condo conversions would constrain the city's supply of affordable housing, writes Harriet Tregoning.

D.C.’s Fiercest Neighborhood Battle Goes Before Its Ultimate Arbiter

At stake is the very soul of D.C.'s neighborhoods ... if you believe the hype.

Uppers and Downers

Denis Suski gestures at his backyard, at the ample greenery and the picnic table and the two yellow hand-shaped chairs that match his house’s yellow back walls. “This is my concern,” he says, “is losing things like this.”
All around him, things like that are being lost, at least to the sun’s rays. Throughout his neighborhood [...]

Office of Planning Neuters Zoning Update, and Then Some

Last summer, smart-growth advocates were horrified—and car defenders delighted—to learn that the Office of Planning had decided to scale back its plans that would have allowed developers to construct fewer off-street parking spaces near high-capacity transit lines. As part of an update to the city's 1958 zoning code, the office, led then by Harriet Tregoning, had proposed eliminating parking [...]

Jim Graham Lays Out His Battle Plan to Annihilate Pop-Ups

Jim Graham's war on pop-ups is only just beginning. Facing obstacles to his plan to get the Zoning Commission to ban the sometimes unsightly additions to the tops of rowhouses, the Ward 1 councilmember is exploring other options to eliminate pop-ups once and for all.
Graham just sent a lengthy email to a U Street–area listserv laying out [...]

Pop-Ups May Not Be Popular, But They Sure Are Profitable

D.C.'s most notorious residential pop-up is for sale as condos, and they aren't cheap.
Over the past year, a two-story rowhouse on V Street NW has grown three additional stories, towering over its neighbors and arousing ire from locals and architectural aesthetes. It's assumed a grandiose name, The Ella (think Fitzgerald, along the lines of the [...]

Graham Asks Zoning Commission to Put an End to Pop-Ups

Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham is tired of the "monstrosities" growing from the tops of rowhouses, and he wants the Zoning Commission to do something about it.
"Councilmember Graham Asks Zoning Commission to End 'Pop Ups' in the District," reads a press release issued by Graham's office this afternoon. The pop-ups in question are additions of [...]

War of Addition

Earlier this year, a three-story addition rose up above a two-story rowhouse like “a big middle finger” to its V Street NW neighbors. That was how the website DCist described it at the time. Commenters on the PoPville blog were less charitable. “So freakin’ ugly,” wrote one. “HIDEOUS! How’s this legal?” asked another. “There was [...]